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When I Was a Boy EP - Music Video & Press

I'm excited to have my first release as a solo artist out in the world. When I Was a Boy has been well received and the initial shows celebrating the release have been wonderful and soul-inspiring. Thanks to all who have purchased the EP and attended the shows. We really appreciate the support. Be sure to check out the tour dates as well on the LIVE page. We will be adding more shows in the coming days as well.

You can buy the EP from my Bandcamp, Trailer Fire Records, and it is now available at all traditional digital retailers (iTunes, Spotify, etc.)

Enjoy the official music video for 'When I Was a Boy,' which premiered at Music Savage earlier this week. Also, below are a few words with links to press who covered the release.

STEREOGUM: "a fresh burst of inspiration from a reinvigorated songwriter. It’s refreshing to once again hear his piercing vocals and modernized take on classic sounds." | read complete review

GHETTOBLASTER: read the in-depth interview with Remnant.

MUSIC SAVAGE: "Remnant’s writing is literate yet accessible, and could easily be an allegory for a generation that is struggling to figure it all out. For Southeast Engine fans, Remnant will jump out, as he weaves these stories from his baritone voice that is tinged with sincerity and wisdom which adds another layer to his songwriting." | read complete review

CAPTAINS DEAD: "honestly, this is one of the best things i have heard this year, top 5 material for sure. he’s a brilliant songwriter, and there is just something about the vibe that makes me feel at home. when i was a boy is that warm comforting blanket you reach for in the middle of a cold night." | read complete review

ONE CHORD TO ANOTHER: "I’m not entirely sure am I smiling or crying while listening to it, because the struggles of adulthood certainly hits close home." | read complete review

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